Your NJ Add A Level-Hiring a New Jersey Remodeling Contractor in Bergen County NJ

You and your family have decided that a raised level home addition will be the most feasible way to maximize your home’s space. Your loan and financing are secured and the budget is calculated. The only thing left is too choose a New Jersey Remodeling Contractor for your Raised Level Renovation project.

Choosing a New Jersey Remodeling Contractor:

It can be a difficult decision deciding on which NJ Remodeling Contractor to choose from. Sure, there are a lot of NJ Contractors to choose from but which home contractor will be the right fit for you and your family. The only way to find out is to simply start calling and interviewing.

New Jersey Remodeling Contractors

Your NJ Remodeling Contractor will be working in your home for many days. Remember, that there will be several crew’s coming and going all day long. If you are living in your home while the remodeling is underway, your space can get smaller and smaller real quick. Here’s a little tip for you. Make sure you have the feeling that you can get along with your contractor. With a construction crew in and out of your home all day for 2-3 months, it’s best to make sure you can get along with your contractor.

Architectural Plans

Architectural plans can be provided for by either the homeowner or the builder.

The first option is simple. Hire an architect, meet with him and have him draft your ideas into a set of architectural drawings. The architect will meet with you several times and go over your ideas. This is a very one on one scenario. He is listening and accumulating your feedback and input then transferring it into preliminary plans. This is great if you want to be in direct communication with the architect. Remember, he is being paid by the hour so this option tends to be very costly. The other thing worth mentioning is you may not even like what the final product is after several meetings. At that point you may be $4,000 dollars and counting in the hole already. When it’s finally over with, the price may be up to $5,000-$8,000 for a raised level based on all the hours spent going back and forth. On a positive note, your ideas expressed will be on paper for all those contractors to view and bid on.


The second option is the one that I have used with my customers throughout the years. Some contractors will provide their own architect. We have our own in house architect that we provide to our signed customers. The way this works is simple and we can use my system as an example. You would call us for an estimate. When a representative arrives, we will listen to what your ideas are then within a few days we would provide you with a proposal. In most cases, people will call us a few times with the standard questions that most homeowners ask and we would answer them accordingly. Once a homeowner decides to move forward we would set up a contract signing. After the contract signing was completed we will provide a date within 2-3 days after the contract signing where the architect will arrive at your home. The day the architect arrives, he would be handed a package of information only pertaining to YOUR job. This information is everything stated in the contract which was signed days earlier. He would simply measure your home where the raised level or home improvement project will be built, then within 1 week you will be provided with a set of preliminary drawings. To speed up the process, we usually send the plans via email direct to the customer. The customer will then notify us of any changes. In most cases, this usually goes back and forth one or two times. Once the homeowner approves, we will finalize the plans and then submit the drawings to your local building department for a zoning review. This system is usually included in our home improvement pricing plan and works out to save the customer thousands of dollars. Not all contractors have an in house architect nor work side by side with an architect but it is important to ask if they do, it can save you thousands of dollars.

A Cost Saving Tip

When using an architect that has been provided for by your builder, you will realize many cost savings as well as potential time savings if unexpected problems occur.

It’s not unheard of for problems to come up that are unexpected. If this is the case, you will need your architect to arrive immediately. He will have to access the situation and then finalize an alternative plan. Believe me, this is very common.

So, with that being said, Do you know what your architects fees are for situations like this. In fact, will they rush over to view the job if needed? Do you know what the change fees are for your architect to alter the architectural drawings? These fees tend to be very costly.

Working with a contractor provided architect has many benefits. Usually the contractor’s architect is on call for any of these types of situation and is more willing to arrive at the site asap. Also, many times the fees associated for changes are a lot less expensive then with homeowner provided architects.


These are just a few of the things to consider when hiring your New Jersey Remodeling Contractor to build a raised level for your family.

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