If interested in hiring New Jersey remodeling contractors that have their own in house architect, you will provide the New Jersey Remodeling Contractors architect with most of the information and details about your NJ home remodeling project since you know to an extent what it is that you are looking to build. The architect supplied by the New Jersey remodeling contractors will then create and adjust the plans according to your request. Then you will be able to make one or two adjustments or revisions. After one or two adjustments, you would have to pay additional fees for the architects time if needed. It’s is an economical and very cost effective approach if you know  exactly what you want. The architect will then transfer those thoughts into drawings. This process from start to finish moves very quickly and is very efficient.

When you are building a NJ home addition, consult with your New Jersey remodeling contractors about having a cathedral ceiling built. Normally, a standard ceiling height is 8′. If you are building a family room or any type of addition, inquire about having the ceiling height raised to 9′ or greater. It adds volume to the room giving you a larger room feeling.

As  New Jersey Remodeling Contractors,  I can tell you that choosing the right molding for your home improvement project changes the look of your home drastically. Just by adding molding, your remodeling project will change the entire look of a room or rooms without changing the actual dimensions of  the room. Moldings come in many shapes and sizes. It is possible to add molding to your doors, windows, floor perimeters, ceilings or even walls. Purchasing and installing  moldings can be one of the smartest home improvement choices any homeowner can make when looking for ways to bring any room to life.

If you are installing a NJ Home Addition, ask your New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor or New Jersey remodeling contractors about installing a gas fireplace in your NJ home addition. On those cold winter nights I recommend having a direct vent gas fireplace installed. The great thing about a direct vent fireplace is that it is perfect for those that are cut short on time. These days, who has time to make a fire. With a gas fireplace, you simply flick a switch on the fireplace remote and the fire goes on. Do the opposite to turn it off. Remember a gas fireplace also acts as a heating unit. Install the optional blower fan and your gas fireplace will blow out the warm air directly into your family room.

Mr. David Pangione
Note: All this information is 100% original. Every word is spoken from experience of being a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for over 30 years.
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