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Glass Sinks – Install a Glass Vessel Sink In Your Bathroom Remodeling Project


If you are remodeling your bathroom then consider installing a glass vessel sink to make your bathroom remodeling that much more beautiful.

Blue Glass Sink

Blue Glass Sink

Glass Sink installations are very popular and have homeowners searching for glass vessel sinks for their bathroom remodeling projects. In the past, homeowners would install a basic vanity and then call it a day. In recent times furniture vanities have become more popular. The newest trend are modern table style vanities with glass sinks. You can install a glass sink onto almost any type of furniture base or buy a vanity base that comes with the glass sink. Get creative!!!

Art Glass Vessel Sinks

Art Glass Vessel Sinks

When you search for glass vessel sinks, you will discover the beautiful styles of sinks that are made of tempered glass. Made in many different colors, some glass sinks actually look like art. Search for mosaic style glass vessel sinks or even artistic style glass sinks and you will find beautiful blends of colors that create elaborate glass sinks.

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Zip Walls – How To Contain Dust During Remodeling

Zip Walls On Our Squidoo Remodeling Informational Sites:

Are you about to remodel your home and in need of dust containment barriers? If so then Zip Walls can do the trick.

Zip walls

Zip walls

One thing that is for sure with remodeling, there is lot’s of dust and debris that travels throughout the air. Sure, you can hang plastic up and hope that it stays in tact but it never does and somewhere along the line your dust barrier will spring a leak allowing contaminants to travel throughout. Want an easy solution then try Zip Walls for your dust containment needs.

Zip walls install in minutes, literally. Within a few minutes you can have a dust barrier up and working for you easily. The best is the fact that they are so easy to install. Depending on how long of a wall you need, your zip wall dust barriers can contain the dust in small areas or even 50′-60′ lengths. Another great ideas is to secure all your furniture and items that aren’t going to leave the home. You would then put those items into an area off and out of the way. Then install the zip walls around it so that it creates a dust barrier. This sure does beat putting your items in storage which can get very costly not to mention all the time it takes for moving those items to the storage facility.

Zipwall zippers are easy to use.

Zipwall zippers are easy to use.

Lastly I would like to mention that zip walls also has a product called the zip door. It makes entering and exiting the barrier very easy. It is a large zipper that connects to the plastic barrier. Simply zip or unzip the zipper and you can exit or enter.

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Zip Walls

Zip Walls Dust Containment Systems
Zip walls are a great way to eliminate dust and debris during your home remodeling project.
If you are a homeowner or contractor, one of the easiest ways to contain dust and debris is to set up and install Zip Walls barrier systems.
During a remodeling project in an existing home, you have to eliminate and minimize the flow of dirt and dust which Zip Walls is great at doing. With Zip Walls, you can set up and complete an entire wall barrier in minutes which will provide a perfect seal easily so dust can’t get out.
Great for extensive remodeling projects, Zip Walls can block a section of your home, a self made storage area to keep your items clean perfectly.
One of the best features of Zip Walls is the zipper door which can provide you with an entry and exit in and out of the contained area by simply zipping and unzipping the zipper.

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