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ZipWall Dust Barriers For Home Remodeling Projects

Zip Wall Dust Barriers When You Remodel Your Home

Are you about to remodel your home. Have you thought about how you will contain the dust that always seems to escape and float around into and throughout your home. Zip Walls makes several different kinds of dust barriers that will contain dust for various types of applications.

Here are a few great ZipWall ideas that will keep the dust from invading your home.

ZipWall ZP4

Zipwall ZipPole ZP4 Dust Containment System


One of the lower priced Zip Wall Dust Barriers, it comes with 4 adjustable poles that extend from 51″ -10’3″.  Great for any arch, hall or room, you will contain the dust easily with this Zip Pole System. It also comes with a carry bag and barrier zippers. The zippers allow you the ability to enter and exit the barrier easily.

ZipWall FR2 Foam Rails

To complement the ZipWall Zip Poles, you should consider the FR2 Foam Rail attachments. The foam rail attachments clip onto the ZipWall Poles and press the plastic barrier up against the wall for a snug fit.ZipWall FR2 Foam Rails, 2-PackREAD MORE







Once you have a dust barrier installed, ZipWall Zippers allow you to enter and exit the sealed area easily. In less than a few minutes, you can install the zipper into the plastic dust shield. READ MORE

zipwall zipper Dust Barrier














Zip Walls

Zip Walls Dust Containment Systems
Zip walls are a great way to eliminate dust and debris during your home remodeling project.
If you are a homeowner or contractor, one of the easiest ways to contain dust and debris is to set up and install Zip Walls barrier systems.
During a remodeling project in an existing home, you have to eliminate and minimize the flow of dirt and dust which Zip Walls is great at doing. With Zip Walls, you can set up and complete an entire wall barrier in minutes which will provide a perfect seal easily so dust can’t get out.
Great for extensive remodeling projects, Zip Walls can block a section of your home, a self made storage area to keep your items clean perfectly.
One of the best features of Zip Walls is the zipper door which can provide you with an entry and exit in and out of the contained area by simply zipping and unzipping the zipper.

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